Five Star Award
Mary Margaret Davis reviews


The Texas and Pacific Lofts and the lifestyle they offer has been nurtured by Mary Margaret Davis from their inception.

Completing the full FHA/VA approval process for the building in 2008, Mary Margaret has history and knowledge of the lofts that few others can.

Urban Ambassador is a title her friends, colleagues and clients have given her in honor of her advocacy for urban dwellers and their pets – the knowledge she has shared since her active role in the creation of “Urban Specific Education” in 2010 – and her continued enthusiasm for urban Fort Worth.

Prior to starting her own real estate team, Mary Margaret was an award winning team member of Perry Homes.

Summer Creek Ranch, Summer Creek Addition, Hulen Bend and Bellaire Park North are the developments she helped to open and populate with happy Suburban home owners.

Mary Margaret Davis

Real Estate Broker Community and Animal Advocate

Intentionally Urban and Suburban by Design, are terms coined by Mary Margaret that help describe her dedication to matching people and their pets with lifestyles they will love.

Having led the on site sales team of the newly renovated T&P Lofts, and personally selling over half  of the condominiums there during that period, she has toured the interior of each individual home a number of times.